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It is a well known fact that small business plays a significant role in driving the economy. With this in mind, all levels of government as well as nonprofit organizations and foundations offer a host of financial aid in the form of venture capital, low interest loans and business grants. The key in securing any type of small business grants is, knowing which agencies offer such opportunities, knowing where to find them and of course the criteria for eligibility.

Many entrepreneurs dream of owning and running their own business with the help of government business grants but are unsure what type of business to launch. Researching the kinds of projects that are more likely to receive business grants and which agencies, foundations and corporations routinely offer grant opportunities is a good place to begin. It is important to assess your own personal skills in order to match your areas of expertise with projects that are available for grant applications.

With a few specific exceptions, the federal government does not directly give grant money to individuals to start a new business or to expand an existing one. These funds are generally filtered down to state, city and county agencies in order to help create jobs and increase their tax base. With so many different organizations offering business grants and other forms of financial aid finding the right one for you or the one that best matches your skills can be difficult and extremely time consuming. There exists an almost endless supply of free professional help, if you know where to look. Topics such as how to write a business plan, avoiding grant scams, how to come up with viable business ideas, etc. are all areas that need to be explored and researched in order to understand which businesses typically qualify for grants and how to apply for them.

Although applying for business grants is always free, understanding the process and knowing where to find the information you need can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. A comprehensive guide that explains why having a professional business plan is essential and how to write one, where to find grant opportunities with state by state links as well as links to free professional advice, templates, online business publications and more can save countless hours of research. Being prepared and knowing what granting agencies are looking for can make the difference between a successful application and one that will not be considered.

In today’s competitive market as well as in the often confusing world of business grants, knowledge is undeniably power. Getting the information you need quickly and efficiently is one of the best ways to work smarter rather than harder in getting what you want and need in order to launch a successful business. Explore all your options, read all you can about small business, talk to people who are successful entrepreneurs. Don’t lose sight of your dreams of being an independent business owner and avail yourself of all possible resources that will help you reach your goal. Stay determined and find out how you too can qualify for your share of free money in the form of business grants.

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