Grants for Small Businesses

Grants for small businesses provide an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to finance the launch of a new company or the expansion of an existing one. The federal government understands the important role that small independently owned business play in the local economy. They can reduce unemployment by providing new job opportunities within a community, give youth valuable work experience as well as increase a city or county’s tax revenue.

Many large corporations also have charitable foundations that offer free grant money for business that benefit and enhance their communities in some way. These grants are available to both new and existing businesses and are typically offered by departments that operate a business in their own state. There are however also cases where a foundation does not require your business to be in the same state that they operate within. Research is the key in finding the right grant opportunities and having a completed business plan is a must for the majority of grant application packages.

Although much useful information exists, caution must be exercised when searching for grant opportunities on the internet in order to avoid “grant finding scams”. It is recommended that you steer clear of companies that guarantee grant funding for your business. No one can promise that your grant application will be approved and there is never a charge for filling out grant application forms. All legitimate agencies and government departments provide free help in filling out their application forms. It is also important to remember that no legitimate granting body will ever contact you personally with offers of free government money for your business.

Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by the process of writing a business plan but remember that if you want your request for free funding to be taken seriously, a professional business plan is essential. There is no need however, to pay a person or company hundreds of dollars to write a business plan. There is a wide selection of websites that offer free templates or step-by-step guides on how to write your own professional business plan. As an entrepreneur, you understand that time is money and making efficient use of your time is important. Finding the right resources can be very time consuming so knowing where to look for the best and most appropriate advice is key.

There is little doubt that you will have to lay out money at some point to help you in the set-up of any new business even before you apply for free corporation or government grants. Make sure that the expenses you must incur will help you access useful links that offer grants for small businesses, show you the types of businesses that are most likely to qualify for grants, give you practical tips for completing grant application packages as well as sources for free professional advice.

There is an enormous pool of money available throughout the United States that is set aside to provide small business grants. While you may need to make use of personal savings, loans from family members or conventional lending institutions at some point, remember to invest time in finding sources of free financing and free advice from professionals that have proven their business success.

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