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When looking for a grant for small business ventures, the right planning and research can go a long way in saving time and increasing your chances of success. The first important step is to choose a business that you enjoy and one that matches your particular skills and experience. Once you have established what kind of work you are best suited for the next step is to search out the specific projects that offer the most grant opportunities. Both the federal government and large nonprofit corporations offer a multitude of grants in a wide array of fields. The most common projects to be awarded small business grants are those in research and development, the high tech sector, medicine, education and programs that offer a direct benefit to a disadvantaged group within a community. Chances of success also greatly increase if the company you wish to launch or expand is a nonprofit one. In cases where there is an existing company looking for a grant for a small business that currently operates as a for-profit company, it can be relatively easy to create a separate nonprofit department or entity thus opening the doors to a greater number of grant opportunities.
In all cases, it is important that one has a completed business plan as it will form a crucial part of most grant application packages. Many new entrepreneurs are of the belief that in order to produce a professional business plan, one must hire a trained expert in the field which can cost hundreds of dollars. This is certainly not the case as there are a number of websites that offer free professional advice and proven, easy to use templates that will walk you through each step of process.
Although the federal government sets aside huge sums of money for the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurs to start or expand a business by way of free grants, it is through the lower levels of government that these opportunities are made available to the general public. With hundreds of departments at the state, city, county and community levels as well as charitable foundations through large corporations, the task of finding and matching the right grant offer to your particular business can be an overwhelming one. Knowing where to find the right grant opportunity is as important as the preliminary work that is needed before the launch of any new business.
Once you have a clear idea of the specific business you wish to start along with a completed business plan, you are ready to begin your search. Reviewing the many grants for small business opportunities that fit your particular business will enable you to modify areas of your business plan where appropriate to better reflect your project proposal if needed. It is important to remember that a business plan should be considered a work in progress and not a one-size-fits-all document.
There will inevitably come a time in the planning stage when you may need to spend small amounts of money in order to reach your goal. Make sure that even those small purchases will result in measurable outcomes and that they will help save you time in the initial phases of starting your business. Take advantage of all the free information and advice that is available through your community or on the internet. Remember that no one or company can guarantee you a grant for small business purposes and that there is never a charge for filling out a grant application so don’t be fooled by such claims. It is also important to understand that no legitimate corporation, foundation or government department will ever contact you personally with offers of a free government grant.

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