Women Business Grants

Contributions to both the state and local economies resulting from businesses owned by women have been significant and are recognized by the number of grants, free professional advise, low interest business loans, etc. that are available to women entrepreneurs. The federal government and other agencies have focused considerable efforts and resources on women small business grants opportunities. Education and other financial resources are also available from the U.S. Small Business Administration agency through the Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO).

Grant opportunities for women who are looking to launch a new business or expand an existing one are also made available through the National Institutes of Health. Their objective is to encourage a better understanding and create positive solutions on the effects of exposure to environmental agents as it relates to human health. Some of the projects that offer grant opportunities are:

  • Alcohol Research Programs
  • Human Genome Research
  • Oral Diseases and Disorders
  • Drug Abuse and Addiction Research
  • Deafness and Communication Disorders

In many cases, launching and running a successful small business is the path to financial security and greater independence for women. Even with the right credentials and years of experience, there is often a language barrier that prevents women from seeking financial advice and assistance in respect to starting a new business. A number of organizations devoted to helping women in business offer helpful free courses and tips on how to put together a high quality grant application package as well as writing a professional business plan. Some common tips on how to complete small business grants application forms are:

  • Grant Eligibility – Some grants have very specific eligibility requirements. Considerable time and effort is spent on putting together a professional grant application so it is extremely important that you meet any and all requirements. There is no point in applying for a grant that stipulates you must live in a certain state as even if you meet all other requirements except that one, your application will be automatically rejected.
  • Appearance and Arrangement – It is imperative that you fully understand the information the granting agency is requesting as well as the order and the manner in which they want it. No matter how professional your grant application package is, if they have asked for a hand-written essay of approximately 500 words be included, a two page typed essay will most likely result in a rejection.
  • Truth and Honesty Matter – it may seem obvious, however the temptation to lie on even what seems to be a small matter can backfire and have devastating effects. Although it is important to answer all questions it’s better to write in N/A if something does not directly apply to you or your business as in most cases these items will have little or no bearing on whether or not your application is successful. Many granting agencies have connections to one another and if word gets around that a lie was detected, you may very well take yourself out of the running for other grant opportunities.
  • A Completed Business Plan – A completed business plan is an essential component of most grant application packages. It shows the reviewing panel that you are serious about your company and that you have thoroughly researched all aspects of your business and recognizes the problems that exist and have come up with viable solutions to overcome them. Remember that there is no need to pay hundreds of dollars to have someone else write your business plan as there is plenty of free advice, tips and user-friendly templates to help you in completing a professional business plan.
  • Be Aware of Deadlines – All proposals for small business grants for women will come with a specific deadline. It is imperative that you give yourself enough time to complete the application and send it off before the specified date. If for example the granting agency requires a post-mark on the tenth of a certain month, sending it in on the eleventh will automatically disqualify you; no matter how terrific or professional your grant application package is.

As a female entrepreneur, make sure you take advantage of government agencies and private corporations that provide help, advice and grant opportunities specifically designed to help women launch and run new businesses and expand already existing ones. Since a considerable amount of time will be spent in researching the many opportunities available and in planning ahead, the key to better time management knows where to find the right grants and help that is appropriate for you and your particular business.

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