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If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to launch a new business or expand an existing one with the aid of free business grants, there are several ways one can approach this process. For those individuals who already have a few solid ideas of a business they wish to start, a good place to begin is by searching for government and other grants that are currently available. This will give you a good idea about which types of projects have the most available offers that fit into your personal skills and experience.  A second approach that one can take if you already have a definite business venture for start-up or expansion is to search for free business grants that fit into the specific parameters of your business.

No matter which method you use, having a completed business plan is a must. Virtually all granting agencies will require a business plan as part of their grant application package. It is extremely important to read each proposal carefully as each one will have their own set of guidelines, requirements and submission deadlines. Hundreds of applications for free business grants are automatically rejected due to minor omissions or late submissions. It is imperative that all questions are answered and in the manner that is requested. If a question clearly does not apply to your business situation place an N/A in the space rather than leaving it blank. Another common mistake applicants make is if for example, the grantor is requesting a 2 page handwritten essay and you submit a type written one. Many Excellent, innovative businesses with a great chance of success are routinely rejected due to what may seem like small oversights.

It is common for entrepreneurs to become frustrated having to wade through pages of grants most of which do not apply to their area of expertise. Knowing where to find the right grants can save a tremendous amount of time and work. Millions of dollars of grant funds are put back into government treasuries every year simply because no one knew about them and were subsequently not applied for.  Another hurdle for many people is the task of creating a professional business plan. Once again, there is plenty of free professional advice that will take you through every step of a business plan, if you know where to find it.

Free business grants are there for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them become business owners. Of course one must have a well thought out plan with a business that can show a high degree of success and one that can maintain sustainability even after the grant period has expired. Taking the time to conduct the right research is certainly worth it when the end result can lead to free business grants that never have to be paid back.

It is equally important to be aware of the many grant scams that exist. One should never agree to pay a fee to have a grant application submitted as no legitimate granting organization will charge for filling out an application. Also keep in mind that no government department or other organization will ever contact you personally with offers of free business grants nor can anyone guarantee that your application will be successful.

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