Government Small Business Grant

Financing the start of any small business is generally the most difficult and stressful process for any aspiring entrepreneur. Receiving a government small business grant has certainly been the solution for many Americans. The federal government routinely sets aside millions of dollars each year in order to encourage the start-up or expansion of small businesses through the United States. These funds are typically designed to enhance the lives of disadvantaged citizens within our communities and neighborhoods. They are also awarded to small businesses for the development of new and innovative technologies that again will benefit our lives in some way.

Finding the appropriate government small business grant that matches your particular expertise can be a difficult and frustrating task if you do not know where to look for them. Although proposals are listed on each granting agency’s website, it can take hours of research to locate them and often results in projects for grants that your company is not qualified to carry out. Understanding which sectors of the market are more likely to receive grants and knowing where to find government funding will help immensely in narrowing down your search to the appropriate agencies.

The first important step all aspiring entrepreneurs must take is to develop a professional business plan. This is crucial with even a home-based business as your completed business plan is an integral part of the grant application package. Keep in mind that all business plans are designed to be modified to reflect your company’s growth, the changing market as well as conforming to the specific grant you are applying for. Each government small business grant proposal will have detailed parameters that present an existing problem and desired goal. Your object will be to demonstrate to the grant review panel that you possess the required skills to see the project through to the end showing measurable outcomes.

A large portion of grants are generally awarded to nonprofit companies however, that is not to say that as a for-profit business you would not qualify for a government small business grant. If for example, as a physician, you are the owner of a small for-profit medical clinic there are steps you can take in order to open up a greater number of grant opportunities. It would not be very difficult to launch a new nonprofit department that could conduct medical research or to perhaps study certain environmental effects on expecting mothers.

While doing your research be aware that there are always a number of grant scams that promise you free government grant money for a processing fee. Legitimate granting agencies do not charge processing fees nor do they charge for filling out a grant application. Also keep in mind that no government agency, corporation or charitable foundation will ever contact you personally with offers of free government grants. The Department of Health and Human Services strongly encourages anyone who comes across such scams to report them to their office at 1-800-447-8477.

One can find a government small business grant in almost any discipline or field. The key is knowing where to find them and remembering that there is plenty of free professional help and advice that can assist you through every step of starting your own business and in applying for grants.

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