Create your Own Chatbot

What are Chatbots?

Imagine yourself talking to your movie friend,who is a movie buff and she has watched all the movies ever made. You ask her for suggestion about a good movie to watch. Just tell her what kind of movie you would like to watch, sad or upbeat, romantic, action, thriller, and she would happily provide you with wide array of movies that you should not miss out on. Now, imagine a bot doing the same thing as your movie buff friend, sounds amazing does it not? This is what a Chatbot is. It is sort of like your friend: who will tell you jokes or play games multiplayer games with you, answer all your question. You can ask the Chatbot about anythings, like what is going on in the world, the weather, who won gold medals on the Olympics, does not matter, it will answer you, only difference is that it lives inside a computer.

Let’s make our own Chatbot.

Now imagine making your own chat-bot and connecting it with your Facebook account, when your friends message you they will automatically get a reply from you. Sounds unbelievable does it not? But with these Udemy courses: Create a Messenger ChatBot – without coding, and ChatBots: How to Make a Facebook Messenger ChatBot, you will be able to make your own Chatbot friend who has limitless knowledge and will reply even when you are not around. One of the instructor of the course describes them as master potential master of the universe which you will be able to make on your own in your desk sitting in front of the computer. However impossible it sounds you will be surprised by how easy the courses are, and you will be guided by these instructors , who will provide you with adequate detail on how make the Chatbot. You wont have to sweat about not being able to programing with the help of pre-written source code, that you will be able to manipulate with little hesitation, or using Api.Ai, where you just have to type in responses and potential questions, to create your own Chatbot with ease. The step by step instructions are easy to follow.

Personal experience:

I did not have any prior experience of programming, but with the help of the course I have come up with my own Chatbot that I have linked to my facebook page Altu Uncle. Out of all the courses I have tried, I would personally recommend these two mentioned courses as they have enough detail to give you the overview of what is happening and not get your bored. If you are weak on programming, than this course if best for you, however there is a certain limit on the numbers of queries on Api.Ai that can be a hassle. Once again, I would  like to iterate that making Chatbot is as fun as you think it is, and way simpler and easy than you will ever think with these courses. After taking the course you will have the power to create your own “Genie” that will open up a portal of endless possibilities, with little to no knowledge about programming. Who knows you could even the one of the Chatbots to time travel for you?



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