Government Grants for Women

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Government grants for women, does it ring a bell to you? If you have heard this before then maybe you are part of the minority group or a women who is planning to start a business with the help of government grants for women owned small business.

These government grants for women small business owners is truly a big help for those who have a good mind set when it comes to business and a plan that will surely work but needing assistance when it comes to money matter. The thing is that the direct government grants for small businesses for women are actually not given directly. However local agencies and private institutions are linked to the government can provide assistance when it comes to these so called government grants for small businesses owned by women. These agencies can aid with the business owners in starting or expanding their market. Asking banks can also be a big help since some are considered affiliates of agencies who distributes the grants.

For business owners who would like to apply for small business government grants for women (including government grants for single mothers), here is a list of some of the commonly asked requirements when applying for grants.

  • Provide the financial statement for the last 3 years of the business that is duly noted by a certified public accountant.
  • An Interim financial document
  • A list containing all the owners/stock holder and board of officers of the company
  • Registration and License that are authenticated showing all the necessary permit
  • Title deed
  • Taxes documents
  • Statements from bank accounts of the company for the past 6 months
  • If the business is in the building, you are also required to submit the building plan

It is also recommended that you submit the list of customer and the suppliers of your business.

Government grants for Women may have their own challenges.  You always have the option of going after non-government grants for women listed in our business funding page.  If you know of any other grants that might help small businesses, please send us an email or write in the comment section.  We will add it to our list.

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