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As small business owners, we have had and continue to have a vested interest in the programs, funding and assistance offered to both women and men in business by the government.

We are profoundly interested in the funding discrepancies that exist between small business vs. medium or large businesses. We are interested in continuing to address the inequalities present in all aspects of the business and workplace environment, whether they be inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, disability or others.

It is our belief that the best way to do this is to help in encouraging and facilitating both women and men interested in business to access the information and resources that can help them reach their goals.

We appreciate all feedback that we receive. Any suggestions about how we can better our website or include additional resources that you have found helpful are appreciated.

Please email us at info@smallbusinessgrants.net.

If you have a story about accessing government grants of any sort, we would like to hear from you. We are presently working on a personal stories page to feature information about small business grants, as well as a message board to add to our website. Our goal is to make it easier for men and women to communicate with each other, providing what we hope will be a valuable resource for all people running small businesses or interested in owning their own business.

Please note: we will never share any personal information about you unless you tell us to.

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