Small Business Grants




Small business grants are available not only through the Government but also through private entities. Whether you are just starting out or putting the final touches on your grants application, our guide will save you time, money and increase your chances of being approved! Our team of professionals has compiled a comprehensive manual on how to write your business plan, obtain free resources and fill out your application to get your grants approved today!

We have not only the Small Business Grants Guide, but also an extensive list of privately funded business grants. An example of a quick grant for women entrepreneurs could be The Amber Grant. Although the grant amount is not very large, the grant submission process is also very simple. Another example is the Brother Grant Program. It’s a $5000 grant. The submission process is again very simple. There is one online form to be filled out. It’s a one page form.

Small Business Grants

Small Business Grants Made Easy: Don’t Give Up or Leave It to Your Partner.

Many Economic Empowerment Zones have their own grants and awards programs. Many cities and towns are trying to attract new businesses in these tough economic times. Creation of economic zones is one of ideas to attract entrepreneurs. You will find listing of various grants including small business grants for women, minority small business grants, government grants in the Funding Section of our web site – business-funding. This section also lists different types of awards for small businesses. One such award is the Entrepreneur of 2012 Award.

The business funding page not only lists the grants and awards, but also grants amounts and submission date.  Business grants mentioned include $1000 grant from Idea Cafe (a private entity), $5000 grant from National Association of Self Employed and $100,000 grant from Green Business Fund Grants. There could be many other grants for small business and small business awards from not only the Government (Federal, State and Local), but also from many private organization. The process of application submission is usually very simple in the later case. Find out what grants you might be eligible for and apply with the help of our Free Guide.

As we all know, women are in a unique position in the American society. Grants for women are available to improve themselves or even to start a business. This is an important point for all women, including those women who own or want to own a small business. Please read through the section for “Other Grants” to learn more about the grants programs that can help women and women business owners alike.

Save hundreds of hours searching through government websites to find the specific rules, regulations and application information for your specific state. Don’t waste your time on other sites that will only try and sell your there software that in the end only show what grants are available and not how to actually apply for the grant and get approved. Check out the complete guide today!

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