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Business competitions are many, especially for students of Business Management. Many companies collaborate with the Universities to not only promote their business but also to attract potentially good employees who are already students in a good school.

One example of such a collaboration is the Sony Electronics Case Competiton.  It is organized with the collaboration from UC San Diego and Sony Corp.  Each year 40 MBA students are chosen to participate based on their application form.  The participants must be second year MBA students.  Since the judges are from Sony Corp, there is much interaction between the participants and the Sony executives.  This gives the students opportunity to assess starting their career with Sony.  The executives also get to observe the students in a real life corporate situation, although the cases are mock cases, they are made to be as realistic as possible.  Since the students are divided into groups of four, their capacity to work in a group setting is also challenged.

Another example of such a collaboration is the ABI – Wharton School of Business – Corporate Restructuring Competition.  Students from major schools participate in this competition.  Held in early November annually, this competition attracts student from most major MBA programs, including Harvard, Stanford and Kellog’s School Of Management.  This type of competition also provides the students with a learning environment which emulates real life situation as much as possible.  This competion is running in it’s nineth year.  Many of the past winners have been able to seek coveted career opportunities.  The prize money for these competitions may be small but the experience is invaluable.  In addition the networking possibility that this provides can help short term and long term career goals of the winners and the participants.

Business competitions are a great way to provide training to new entrants in the business world and also to existing businesses that are looking to not only get that extra dollar as prize money but the publicity and the advertisment that comes out of participating and winning such competitions.


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