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Business funding is one of the most critical factors that determines the success or failure of a business. There are many sources of free money for business funding. Ofcourse, one of them being the Federal Government. Aside from the federal government, there are many source of private free money. As an entrepreneur this would be a great source to tap onto. The types of free money from private sources are:
1. Business grants.
2. Business plan competition
3. Business contests
4. Business seed funding.

Many private organizations are keen on promoting entrepreneurship and start-ups by providing them with free funds. This list is a fairly comprehensive list of funds available through private organization. We are making every effort to keep it current and up-to-date. If we have missed any of the business funding sources, please send us an email. Our email address is Your help in improving this list will benefit many entrepreneurs desperate for cash.

The business funding list is compiled from different sources.  Read the links below and see if any of the grants are interesting to you.  At the bottom of the spread sheet are tabs that also will take you to sheets that list small business plan competitions, other awards, and sources of seed money.  Again please send us emails of any other funding sources that are available to small businesses.  This information will be very useful to many who are looking to start their business in these tough economic times.

There are many Government Grants (especially for high tech) for small businesses.  Many times these grants are not suitable to the average small business who is not in the high tech industry.  In addition, to apply for these Government grants is a very involved process.  Since there is much over sight by the different arms of the government, getting these grants is that much more.

Many of the privately funded business grants listed below are as not bureaucratic as the Government.  Normally a small team of individuals are able to make the decision to provide the funding or not.  In addition the paper work associated with this type of funding is much less.  In addition since the organization providing the funding is the only one responsible and answerable to the disbursement of the fund, there is not that much over sight after the funding is received.  Also, since the grant amount is not very large, the money is provided in one installment.  Normally, especially in the case of  Government grants, there might be installment payments based on the performance of the grant receiver.

If you have success in receiving business funding through any of these listed grants, we would be very interested to know your experience.  Unfortunately there are not that many of these privately funded grants and awards for small businesses.  If we start a conversation about the impact of these funds in helping small businesses succeed, many more individuals and private organizations might be encouraged to become the grant makers.  There are always grant makers looking to see where they can best provide funding for maximum social and economic impact.  Small business owners might be able to provide the impetus to seek more investment by talking about these grants and bringing the conversation to the forefront

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