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Finding government grants and applying for these government grants is often an extremely difficult and confusing process. This is particularly true of small business grants.

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The grants available to small businesses are more often than not offered at the state or local level. Although the funding for such grants usually comes from the Federal government, the grant programs operated federally are often renamed and the funds specifically targeted by State governments. This adds to the confusion for individuals looking for any type of government grant.

Those seeking to obtain a small business grant are advised to follow the steps below. These steps follow a logical sequence that can help an individual  in finding government grants assess what grant funding is offered by the Federal government to state governments and how state governments then disperse the funds. It also helps an individual ask targeted, appropriate questions once they have accessed the appropriate contact or department at the State or local level.

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1) Federal Government Grants

The Small Business Administration provides over $110 million dollars to States every year that targets small busisnesses. As well, the Federal government operates a number of special grant programs that target geographical area and particular segments of the population. Start by finding out what grants are available at this level.

Read through the website at the Small Business Administration

Target the Federal department responsible for the branch of government responsible for the area you’re interested in – for example, social services, human resources, department of trade, etc. Read through their website.

Read through the Federal Register

Read through a listing of the CFFA’s Grants (note: on the ‘Available Data’ section, select ‘2006’ and select ‘geography’ for a listed covering the entire United States)

2) State level

Often, federal grant dollars are targeted and named something different once they reach the State level. A Federal grant program may be named one thing; however, the actual grant program is usually operated at the State level and is named something different. Once you understand the Federal grant you’re looking for, finding it’s corresponding programs and program names at the State level is essential.

Access a listing of official state government websites.

3) Local level

Some State grant programs are run locally. This demands the added step of understanding the State grant program and how it is filtered down to the local level. Again, understanding the name of the grant program at the State level then enables an individual to follow the program down to how it is accessible on the local level.

Finding Government Grants may not be easy but there are grants available and people are benefiting from it.  Read through our freely available guide on Grants and make the process easier.

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