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The Government Grants Internet Resource is a selection of over 90 links to websites offering grant information, applications and proposal outlines and examples.

The Resource focuses on grants available to U.S. citizens. The goal is to enable people to easily and quickly get to the information they need to access grant funding and apply for government grants. Apply for small business grants and kick start your business today.

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The websites contained in the Resource offer information that is free. The majority are government operated websites that contain extremely valuable, free information and resource. There are no additional costs or expenses. Using the resource saves both time and money, as high priced grant consultants, grant books and grant kits are unnecessary.

The Resource was created in order to save individuals the many, many hours of searching on the Internet looking for free information and resources.

This information is often difficult to find, deeply embedded in government department websites. With the Resource, this work is done for you.

Don’t spend your time searching the Internet. Spend your time applying for government grants!

All website links are accompanied with a brief explanation of what can be found on the website. The websites are further divided into categories, making it easier to target the specific grant you’re looking for. The Resource begins with a top favorites category which contains the most comprehensive governmental sites that list thousands of grant opportunities.

Categories include:

  • Small Business & Industry
  • Housing
  • Family Assistance
  • Grants geared to children
  • State Grants
  • Low-income
  • The Arts
  • People living with disabilities
  • Education grants
  • Retired Persons
  • Healthcare
  • Veterans grants
  • State grant programs

The resource includes links to the best, free grant proposal writing information sites on the Internet.

Because the information contained in the Resource is free, we are able to offer the downloadable Resource for only $8.99! This cost is what covers web hosting costs and updating costs. We strive to offer everything one requires in finding the best, free government grant sources on the Internet.

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