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Grants for women are available to improve themselves or even to start a business.  As all women know, women are in a unique position in American society.

Women continue to earn less than their male counterparts. Women continue to account for the majority of stay at home parents. Women account for a significant percentage of single parent families. Older women account for a large majority of seniors living alone.

Learn how the Government Grant Internet Resource guide can help you find business grants of all sorts.

Women face unique challenges in health care needs and costs. Minority women continue to face challenges that both women in general and minority men do not.

There are a number of government grant programs specifically targeted to women and single mothers who own a business. Learn how to find them here! Download the guide at the bottom of this page.

This is an important point for all women, including those women who own or want to own their small business. Please read through the section for “Other Grants” to learn more about the grants programs that can help women and women business owners alike.

Grants For Women Starting A Business

Women interested in accessing small business grants to start or expand their own businesses should understand certain limitations inherent in small business grant funding. Overall, small business grants are difficult to obtain for both men and women. The ability to access a small business grant often rests on a couple of variables. These variables are important because they influence the availability of grants in general, as the government awards grant its own specific purposes and goals.

1) Type of Industry

The kind of industry in which the business operates can have a profound impact on the ability to obtain a government grant. The government targets certain areas in which it deems useful to encourage business and job growth. In recent times, for example, the government has deemed that growth in the technology sector is vital. For this reason, small business grants that target businesses in this sector are far more likely to receive grant assistance.

2) Community Spin Off/ Benefits

The ability of a business to general jobs and/or training can have a strong influence on the ability to access grant funding. This is true not only for small business grants, but also a number of other grants that target employment and training. Many business owners have accessed government grants that are not defined as small business grants, but instead are directed at training and/or employing members of target groups of individuals, such as women, minorities or low-income. These funds definitely qualify as grants for women.

3) Geographical Location

Geography can have a major impact on the availability of small business grants for women. States or areas with high unemployment, recent economic hardship or that have been impacted by natural disasters of any sort are good examples of how geography can affect opportunity where government grants for women are concerned.

More information about other government grants for single mothers.

More information about finding government grants programs.

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