Amber Grant for Small Businesses

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The Amber Grant for Small Businesses began in 1998 with, an entrepreneurial website for women.   It was to honor the memory of a 19 year old girl named Amber who died in 1981.  The goal of the Amber Grant is to help women achieve entrepreneurial dreams that Amber couldn’t.

Finding money for start-up is not easy, especially for women, and the founders are trying to help with what they can.  The grants range from between 500 and 1000 dollars which probably wouldn’t start a business by itself, but could add  to other grants or money you already have on-hand.  Even the grant’s website acknowledges that the money probably won’t do more than fix or some equipment or help create a website.  The Amber Grant in February is going to be worth 500 dollars., the website that runs the grant, will not expect repayment for the grant.  However, they hope that anyone that receives the grant will help future entrepreneurs start their own business. The grants are given by the person who runs the program and not from the government or any other public source.  To apply for a grant, you can just head on over to the website, and apply.

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