Low investment business ideas

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Low investment business ideas can help you establish your own business> These investments have a lower risk of capital loss but high probability of big profits. If you fall among them who want to run your own business, but is weak in the pocket, then you should try some low investment business ideas. Often big franchises demand high capital investment for you to get started with your business ideas. But there are other plenty of low investment business ideas which you can follow and get started with relatively set up costs.
Here are some low investment business ideas that may be interesting:
• Sale: If you have a good marketing and communication skill, you can start direct sales for companies, by selling their products, online or offline. Many companies like Avon and Amway still provide this business opportunity. This can be easy way to start making money with investment below hundred dollars.
• Virtual Call Center: Home based call center can be an easy way of money making. if you have professional telephone manners and presence, you can start this business. All it requires is a quality land line telephone service and of course, your reliability.
• Internet marketing: Need not to say, this is a World Wide Web era where almost everything is based on the Internet. You can start your online store, website promoting, or simply content writing jobs which will need low investment or no investment at all. All you need is a PC and good internet connections. With simple idea of SEO, back-linking or content development you can work for websites or can start your own. You don’t have to know much about internet marketing to get started. You can learn from different online tutorials, that too without any investment.
• Service delivery: This low investment business idea is all about delivering anything from payroll to pizza. All you need is an automobile and you can get started. Investment can be as low as $ 30.
• Pet sitting: Have you ever thought that taking your neighbor’s dog for a short walk can be a potential business.? Pet sitting is one of the most flexible businesses. You can choose this business if you have affinity towards animals care. You can either choose to go to people’s house for pet sitting. If you want to do it at a bit bigger scale you can run the business as a kennel service where people bring their pet to you.
• Lawn care: You can turn your interest of gardening into a real business, if you enjoy weeding and planting. It requires ordinary household tools. One person can carry on this business. This job is in demand for all seasons. Which means you can make money throughout the year.
• Freelance works: If you are one who is born with creative brain and enjoy working your hobby, you actually can start a business to promote it. Your writing can earn you big sum. Blogging being one way. You can open your blog account for free and can get paid via paypal. It needs patience and skill. But once it’s set, you can earn money and possibly fame as well. Low investment business ideas are best to get you started. Once you begin, you can continue to grow. Don’t forget even the big businessess today were once started with simple ideas. You never know what height you can reach with these simple low investment business ideas.

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