MBA Stock Pitch Competition

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MBA Stock Pitch Competition is initiated by Johnson Cornell University.  This competition  is open to all  current full-time MBA students through out the United States. . The competition is intended for Finance students of MBA programs who will showcase their skills on stock picking in front of the competition jury. Participating student will form a team and prepare and present their recommendation to this panel of juries.  The recommendation will be on whether to buy/holds/sell differet stocks.  They will support their recommendation  with logical defence. The winner will be picked on the basis of their skills on stock picking.

Along with the University, the program is also supported by different partners from the investment community.  These companies are Fidelity Investments, American Century Investments, CFA Institute, SSGA, and T. Rowe Price.  This education and private sector partnership helps to create a learning environment for the students that emulates real life situation.  Both the partners and the students benefit because of the opportunity to not only meet but also observe each other in a corporate scenerio. Participants will gain excellent opportunity to meet recruiters, professionals and future employers.

The competition will be judged by respected personalities from investment sector and investment experts.  These include executives from the partner companies, portfolio managers (current and retired), investment analysts and also investors.

The 2011 Winners were:

Stern School of Buiness, New York University – First Place

Wharton, Universtity of Pennsylvania – Second Place

Here is some information regarding the experience of a past competitor and his perspective on how he approached the competition.

For more information on this competion please go to the Johnson Cornell University website.


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