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Obama Small Business incentives can be an important criteria to propel the US economy.  One of the sections of the Federal Budget that the President presents to the congress is the Analytical Perspectives (AP).  Analytical Perspective enables the Government to provide explanations on various aspects of the governments budgetary plan.  It highlights specific areas and puts the budget in perspective.  The Analytical Perspective  provides economic and accounting analysis.  It also contains certain information on Federal receipts, collections and also Federal spending.  Federal Governments borrowing and debts are also included in this section.

Each year the President  includes the Analytical Perspective in his budget.  This is a standard practice regardless of who is in the White House.   This graph shows the number of times the term “small business” is mentioned in the AP since 1997,  when President Clinton was in power.   It also shows how Obama Small Business incentive might  compare with the past Presidents?

Obama Small business mentions in the US Budget

Small business mentions in the US Budget

This graph is not meant to come to any conclusion but more to start a deeper conversation of whether the Government is doing more now for small businesses.  The other part of the conversation is to discuss whether the Government should provide more direct grants and other incentives to small businesses to encourage economic growth.

From the Clinton years to the Bush presidency, the number of mentions of the term ranged from as low as 30 to as high as 77.  The first year of Obama Presidency saw a lower 54.  But normally this Budget is submitted by the out-going president.   The next Budget submitted by the Obama administration saw a slight increase in mentions.  It was at 62.  It peaked in the Budget of 2012 to be at 149.  Mentions have dropped to 127 for the 2013 Budget presented recently by the president.  Is this an indication that the administration is now giving less emphasis to small businesses. Does it mean that Obama Small Business priority is not as high now?

If this were the case, it is time to voice our thoughts as small business owners.  Please provide your comments on the site : www.smallbusinessgrants.net.  Let’s pool our responses together so that we can have a unified voice in pressuring the Federal Government to provide a level playing field for the small businesses who are struggling in this economy.  It is a known fact that small businesses are the major engines for economic growth.  It is in the interest of the whole nation to provide them with any incentives including direct grants and loans to help them succeed.

“Drops of water combine to form the ocean” – Anonymous.  Let’s pool our thoughts together.  Let us make sure that President Obama small business priority does not take a back seat.

Voice your thoughts @ www.smallbusinessgrants.net

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