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Small business grants can be difficult to obtain. There are a plethora of other government grants for which eligibility requirements are easier to fulfill and for which the proposed purpose is not related to business.

Business people need to understand how these grants can positively influence their business and the impact that other grants can have, in terms of freeing up resources that can be redirected to their business. Saving money otherwise spent on rent, childcare, housing and a variety of other life expenses can put thousands of dollars back into your small business!

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Taking advantage of other government grants in order to benefit a small business requires ‘thinking outside of the box’. Firstly, a business includes many facets. From education and training – to location of the business – to paying employees – there are many facets that can be considered when targeting a search for government assistance in the form of grants.

Additionally, particularly for women owned businesses that are more often than not sole proprietorship’s with no paid employees, there are all of the other aspects of life to consider. Many government grant programs exist that target the welfare of children – from daycare to schooling to healthcare. Many grants are available to those groups in society eligible due to income, ethnicity or disability.

The plethora of government grant programs available can assist both men and women business owners by freeing up resources spent on life, family and children so that they can be redirected to business. The following examples illustrate this point.

Education Grants

Grants for education and training can be particularly valuable for individuals who own or want to own their own small business. This is true whether the education grants considered are for self improvement or for the improvement of employees. As well, States tend to target significant Small Business Grant funding for State run programs designed to assist entrepreneurs, such as financial, business and other seminars. These are often excellent programs offered at little or no cost to those who choose to use them.

Housing Grants

Accessing housing grants can be very useful to the small business owner, whether they operate their business out of the home or not. For those operating a business out of the home, any financial help paying housing costs frees up money for their business. Those who operate their business outside of home, but are eligible for housing grants, have the opportunity to save on these costs, allowing funds to be redirected to help build their business.

Minority Grants

Like women owned businesses, the statistics on minority owned businesses show that minorities are unrepresented in the business community. This is an area strongly targeted by government in an effort to close all gaps related to inequality due to race or ethnicity. Minority groups are often eligible for a number of grants, both small business and others.

Men and Women who understand the value of freeing up resources to redirect to their businesses can benefit enormously from the many types of government grants available today. Every dime saved by means of obtaining government funding can be targeted to the business.

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