Small Business Grants and The Economy

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The global economic dominance that we enjoy as Americans is based on our culture of promoting creative entrepreneurship. The reason we boast international business successes like Microsoft, McDonalds, Ford Motors, Facebook, and Coca Cola is that we were always one idea and thus one step ahead of the rest of the world. None of these enterprises began with the outrageous resources they currently have at their disposal. Their success is attributed to their determination in general and the idea that put them in the business radar in particular. If you think you have the next big idea and see yourself as the future Bill Gates, Henry Ford, or Mark Zuckerberg, then you should probably get started with the various small business grants available today to help you live the American dream.

In America, there are several different agencies, both governmental and private, that provide several different kinds of business grants to help entrepreneurs by providing them with funds to start, grow, and expand their firms. The business they choose to set foot in does not necessarily need to have an overwhelming idea but it does need to be based on viable planning. Basically, the kind of businesses that funding agencies are interested in are those involved in and based on promoting social awareness, working for community good, improving lives, providing vital services, environment friendliness, infrastructure development, and social empowerment.

A popular private funding agency is the Idea Café. It provides a $ 1,000 grant which is particularly vital for small businesses looking for extra investment. Another similar grant is The Amber Grant. This is a grant for women entrepreneurs only and though the amount is considerably small, the submission procedure for the grant is simple and the funding is quick.

The application process for local, state, and federal grants from the government is, generally, complicated and long. In addition, due to the large number of applicants for the grant, the probability of actually getting one is very low. This has made many entrepreneurs of small firms turn towards privately funded grant programs. The National Association of Self Employed and the Brother Small Business Grant Program provide grants that amount to $5,000 each. The latter is particularly popular for having a simple application process which consists of a one-page form that can be filled online.

Due to the need for development, many towns and cities in America have created Economic Empowerment Zones to attract entrepreneurs by providing grants like small business grants for women, minority small business grants, and government small business grants. One major attraction that these economic regions provide is the Entrepreneur of the Year Award that comes along with grants and recognition essential for business sustainability. Green businesses, businesses that use and promote environment friendly and energy saving ways of operating their affairs, have received accolades from different fields and also from funding agencies. One such grant is the Green Business Fund Grant with the grant money amounting to $ 100,000.

Due to the recent American recession and its aftershocks, finding capital to invest in businesses had been a tough task.  This is where different grant agencies come to the rescue. Check out the different grants available and select one that fits your business funding needs to start and continue with your creative entrepreneurship. Best of luck in your quest for a small business grant!

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