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This section will show detailed accounting for the money that will be needed to carry out every aspect of

your proposed project. Every section that has been covered including each objective, methodology,

evaluation process as well as the materials, personnel and all related expenses must be financially  30

broken down. In order to help determine your budget, it is recommended that you research previous

grant awards by the granting organization that you are requesting funding from.

All granting bodies, whether through the government, private foundations or other organizations,

provide statistics on individual grants that have been awarded in the past and will include the amount of

funding for each one. If, through your research you find that the organization you are requesting money

from typically awards funding in the ten thousand dollar range, you will want to keep your grant request

in line with these previous award amounts. The exception to this would be if you are applying for more

than one grant through several sources with the expectation of receiving $500,000 in total funding. You

would then include all this information to each grantor.

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