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There is just one thing left to write and that is your conclusion. This last section will be as important as

your beginning summary page. With the summary, your goal is to grab the attention of the reviewer(s)

so that they will continue reading your proposal. Now, the conclusion is your final opportunity to

convince them that your proposed project is viable, will benefit society or your community in some way,

that the organization’s objectives will be reached and of course that you or your organization is the best

qualified to do so. This must be brief and concise as it is your final opportunity to persuade the grantor

that you can accomplish the proposed project efficiently in precisely the way you have outlined it. They

need to be confident that funding your project will be a worthwhile investment.

Throughout this entire process always make sure you are aware of the application due date.

Also make note of how long the review process will take. This information will generally be contained in

the grant offer itself, however if it is not, it’s a good idea to call or e‐mail the granting agency to find out.  31

Of course waiting for an answer can be the most difficult part of this entire process but there are things

that you can do while you wait which will be covered in a later chapter.

The steps and information you need when applying for US government grants will generally be the same

process used in applying for foundation or other private organization grants. It cannot be stressed

enough to make certain that you thoroughly understand exactly how the granting agency asks to have

each grant proposal submitted. They may require all applications to be submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 inch

paper, double spaced in 10 point font with 1/2 margins. Submitting your application any other way will

result in your application not being reviewed.

The core components of all grant applications will require the following information:

• Summary

• Problems identified, with solutions

• Goals and objectives

• Project evaluation

• Sustainability and future funding

• Budget

•   Organization history

• Qualifications of organization

• Mission statement

• 501(c) (3) documentation (in the case of IRS tax exempt status)

Some of the differences one will encounter in the application process when dealing with government

grants are the specific order in which your documentation is presented, the number of forms that must

accompany each application and the rating factor that accompanies the criteria for scoring purposes. All

this information along with helpful links and application workshops can be found on the

website at:

The US Department of Health and Human Services also provides helpful information on the entire

government grant application process at The areas

covered include:

• Finding grant opportunities

• Steps required before applying

• How to register

• Preparing and submitting your application

• How to track and view your application

Any group or individual wishing to apply for a government grant must do so in response to a specific

request and must also be registered with in order to qualify for application submissions. A

complete grant application package is available for download from their website. They also provide a

video tutorial on how to complete your application.  32

Keep in mind that although it is not necessary to hire an outside person or company to complete your

business plan or your grant application, you may want to avail yourself of outside professionals such as

an accountant or expert in your field to add validation to some of the information you will be

submitting. The next question is what happens once you’ve submitted your grant application? The next

chapter will explain what to expect while you wait and few things to do while you wait.


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