Long Term Feasibility

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Long term feasibility will be the last part of your project description. Here you need to show whether the

project will continue at the end of the grant or will be complete without any further need to go on. If

you intend to carry on after the initial grant period you must show how you will fund its continuation. In

the event that you will be seeking other grant sources, you will need to explain that in detail under this

section. Perhaps the project will have generated income that will allow you to continue your work or

you have other sources of financing in place for the future. Perhaps our previous example of providing

job skills and employment resources to those out of work will prove to have a measurable effect on

getting people back into the workforce. You may show the validity of continuing with the program to

help more groups of people attain gainful employment. You may be able to show that with additional

funding for larger premises, more instructors, additional computer work spaces, larger classroom, etc.,

the feasibility of a long term program is a valid one.

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