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In this section you will have the opportunity to explain the precise methods that will be used to achieve

the objectives previously mentioned. This will require a step‐by‐step explanation of how you plan to

work through the project from the very beginning to its conclusion. You will explain any resources,

materials, etc. that are required and specific time lines for each step along the way. It is also important

to mention the individuals involved and their exact roles throughout each phase.

It is very important to include every detail of the project in this section. One way of reviewing these

details is by imagining the finished project and to then work backwards listing everything that will be

necessary to complete each step. Experts agree that once you have completed your methodology it is

good practice to step away for a day or two later and return when your mind is clear. This will help in

finding any points that you may have missed. Another recommendation is to read it out loud to

someone who is knowledgeable about the industry as this can help to point out any weak or

cumbersome sentences. Again, take your time and remember to step away from your work for a while.

This will make a big difference in reviewing what you have written.

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