Project Description

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This portion of your proposal will outline the specific details of your project. Here you will be able to

clearly state the objectives of your project and a brief outline of the methods you will be using to

achieve your goals. You will also want to include your procedures for evaluating the project and its long

term feasibility. The final outcome of the project must be measurable and fit within a specific time

frame. Once again be sure to review the grant opportunity for any time frames that the grantor may

have specified. There are many ways that you can show progress whether or not you have reached your

end goals.

Some examples of measurable results can include:  28

• Does your project plan to teach specific skills to participants? You will be able to show the lack

of a skill at the beginning of the project and a new skill that has been learned by the participants at the

end of the project.

• If the project’s goal is to produce a specific product, at the end of the project you will have a

product to show.

A measurable objective must be included in your proposal and should be discussed in greater detail in

the project evaluation of the application process. If you have not been able to determine how to

measure the outcome of your project, you will need to do some more research or revise your plan.

Grantors must have a means of evaluating the success of any project that they are funding.

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