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As briefly touched upon in the project description section, you will need to show in greater detail the

processes you have in place for evaluating the success of the project. Although you will have a final

objective to reach, it is usually necessary to achieve smaller objectives throughout the project. These

smaller goals generally build on one another in order for the entire project to be considered a success.

In some cases the granting organization will have specific requirements and forms for recording the

evaluation of your project. Be sure to review the grant offer for any such requirements so that your

evaluation process will accommodate their requests. If, as we stated in an earlier example, you will be

teaching a particular group new skills, you will need to make certain that there is a way of clearly

showing that the participants acquired this new skill and how it will affect them after the project is

completed. Perhaps your company’s goal is to give participants who are unemployed new workplace

skills or a more productive means of finding employment. At the beginning of the project you can show  29

how long each person has been out of work, the specific skills they had when they registered and the

methods they have been using to find a job by having them fill out a questionnaire. Your end objective

may be to enable each participant to find gainful employment within six months after completing their

training. In order to accomplish this objective, you may need to offer classes in carpentry, typing or

other useful workplace skills. You need to determine how long your program will last, the duration of

each class, who your instructors will be along with their qualifications and of course where the

participants will come from. Each class will require its own evaluation clearly showing the results. In this

scenario you will need to conduct a six month follow up of all those who attended your program to

ascertain whether or not they have found jobs and if it was a direct result of the program. If the grant

for such a project does not include the additional follow‐up time then you will need to show how you

propose to fund it.

If, on the other hand, the grant money you are requesting is for conducting research you will need to

show how you intend to measure your findings. You must show whether your initial theory has been

proven true or false. You will need a method for recording each step of the research and how it will

affect the balance of the next step and ultimately the proposed objective. If you are aiming to prove that

the research will be of benefit to someone then you will also need to show who and how the research

was beneficial. Of course in the event that your original theory results in a false finding, this also has to

be clearly shown. As you complete the project evaluation section of the grant application process, it is a

good idea to review the granting organization’s requirements. You will certainly want to ensure that you

have met with all requirements that have been set out.

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