Qualifications And Expertise

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Next you will want to give a brief explanation of why you and the individuals working with you are

qualified to fulfill the project objectives from beginning to end. Do they have related experience and the

necessary educational background required for the proposed project? Does their expertise enable them

to understand the challenges and implement viable solutions at each phase of the project? If your

organization has a mission statement (refer to the executive summary of your business plan), this would

be the place to include that as well.

You will also want to list past programs that you or your organization have been involved with including

the special skills and knowledge needed for your current proposal. If any of your previous programs

have benefitted someone or a group of people and is related to the project you are now requesting

funding for, you will want to mention those instances here. If you are involved in an existing

organization, its history and track record, can play a major role in substantiating your qualifications and

abilities to fulfill your objectives.

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