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Sole Proprietorship


General Partnership


Limited Partnership

• Advantages of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)*

• The Pros and Cons of Partnerships

• Top 10 Mistakes Businesspeople Make When Forming Partnerships

• Advantages and Disadvantages of Limited Partnerships

• Comparing a Sole Proprietorship with a Partnership and a Corporation

• Limited Liability Company (LLC) Basics*

• The Benefits of LLCs and LLPs*

If your Limited Partnership Company is located in the state of California the following link will provide

you with updated information regarding specific regulations:‐notice‐of‐change.pdf

“C” and “S” Corporations






Limited Liability Company




Nonprofit Corporation



•  9

Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC), Professional Association (PA) or Professional

Corporation (PC)





For basic information on PLLC’s, PA’s and PC’s you can go to:

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