The Grant Application Process

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Depending on which government department or agency you apply, the process and forms required will

differ. In some cases, a letter of inquiry will be your first step in which you will explain your proposal.

The granting agency will then let you know whether or not you can continue with a formal application. If

the grantor is with the government you can visit the website for detailed information on how

to precede with specific steps and information they require in order to have your grant request

considered. In the event that your business qualifies for more than one government grant opportunity,

the same application form can be used for each request.

Although grant proposals will vary from one grantor to the next, most will ask for common elements to

be included such as:

• A summary of your business

• What the grant will be used for and why you need it

• A detailed description of the project as it relates to the grant

• Your budget

• A conclusion

It is imperative that you’re able to support your proposal with facts and data. Your completed business

plan will play a major role by providing you with the information needed to put together a professional

grant proposal

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