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The summary is by far the most important part of your grant proposal as it is the first page that the

grantor(s) will read. It must contain vital information about your project

that directly relates to the grant offer and show the validity of your request. The summary should be

kept to a single page and really define why your particular request deserves

to receive the grant. The summary page must include a problem or challenge that you have foreseen

and the solution you have come up with to overcome that challenge.

• The Challenge portion of your summary will outline a need that your company or organization

has identified which should include supporting data. You will also want to show the reader how you or

the people within your organization qualify to meet this particular challenge.

• Proposed Solution – You will now explain the solution you have come up with which is in fact

your proposed project. It is important to give only brief details on the following points:

o How the project will develop or unfold

o Who the recipients are that will benefit from your project

o The physical location(s) of your project

o The duration of the project (the length of time the project will take)  27

o The person or people involved in the project and their roles

Briefly outline the amount of grant money that will be needed to carry out your project and what it will

be used for. It is important to review the grant offer carefully so that the funds being requested match

the amount of grant being offered. If these two figures do not match it could very well be the cause of

rejection. You do not need to go into specific budget details yet, simply the amount requested. More

detailed budget information will come later in the process. In the event that your project will require

more funding in the future, give a very brief explanation of those plans.

Now that you have made your request for funding you will want to explain in greater detail the specific

skills and qualifications that you and your organization have in order to carry out the project. Reviewing

your business plan will give you the information you need about previous accomplishments that relate

directly to this particular project. It is recommended you begin your application process well ahead of

the closing date. Reviewers go through hundreds of proposals for each project so your summary must

be intriguing. Take the time to make certain that your proposal matches the organization’s goals.

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