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Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy.  So why are they struggling.  Should we rely only on the Government or should there be private efforts to encourage small businesses.  Offering Grants to small businesses is a great way to support small businesses in the United States.

This site is a one stop shop for all information pertaining to small business grants.  More than just grants the site has an extensive listing of competion, awards and other sources of funding that are not necessarily Government Grants or loans.

Many of the grants are associated with companies which are already successful and would like to encourage other small businesses and help them in their efforts.  Examples of this is Intuit Grant for small businesses.  Small businesses can apply for this grant with out any cost or application fee.  Simply going to their website, you are able to enter into the program.  The winners are randomly selected.  You can increase your chances of winning by having fans of your business go to the same site and recommend you.  The higher the number of recommendations the higher the chances of you winning the grant.  This Grant is open to all and the grant is open several times a year.  The Grant amount of $5000 to the winner can definitely come to good use for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Brother grant for small business and HP Grant are also some of the notable grants listed in this website.

The list also contains many grants for women only.  Women are increasingly encouraged to be entrepreneurs.  There are many women organizations who promote grants for women.  Similarly there are many grants listed for minorities.  There are also grants specifically for Afro-Americans and hispanics.

There are many start-up and also student competitions.  The list of competitions for students of business management is the best on the Internet.  There are many competitions for students of management which are run in collaboration with a University.  Once such grant is the Sony competition.  This competition is managed with the collaboration with UC San Diego.  In addition to the cash prize, the students gain valuable experience competing in a real life situation.  Although the case provide is a mock case, it is still very much relevant to real life corporate environment.  The idea behind these types of competitions is not only to provide an opportunity for the students to learn but also for a potential employer like Sony Inc., to be able to vet possible future employees.  In-fact they have the early opportunity to know who the good students are and observe them in a corporate competive environment.   The judges in the Sony Competition are all executives of Sony, Inc.  Over the course of the competition period, the executives are able to know the potential employees from some of the best business schools in the Nation.

Many of the winners of these types of competitions have actually carved out a career path with the promoters of these competitions.

The list in this website  is categorized into these different verticals.  Extensive automated and manual search has been put into this effort to create this comprehensive list of business grants available for small businesses.

We aim to continue to build this and make it the ‘go-to” site when it comes to business grants.   Information pertaining to this subject is dispersed through out the web.  Our goal is to compile and aggregate all this information so that future grant seekers will not have to waste much of their time in finding a suitable grant. This way they can focus more on actually filling out the application and providing the necessary documentation to the grant providers.

One hope of this website is also to realize the impact of small business grants in helping small businesses.  This will  to encourage already existing successful business to provide grants and not only help the help businesses but also to promote and brand their own businesses.

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