Small Business Grants for men and women

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Small Business Grants are awarded  for men and women small business owners through funding generated at the Federal level, usually through the Small Business Administration. In 2006, the Small Business Administration expenditure for grants to states and agencies totaled over $150 million.  There are also many privately funded grants.  See the most extensive business funding list here.

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This money is allocated to states and agencies across the United States, at which point it is usually directed to a particular state’s small business programs and initiatives, or filtered further down to the local level.

For this reason, accessing small business grants can be a very confusing and difficult process, as each state has its own initiatives and names for various funding programs.

It is imperative that those seeking to obtain small business grants and funding for business address the particular programs and contacts within their own state.

Small business grants are difficult to obtain. Any individual or website that says differently has not got their facts correct.

Having said this, both women and men interested in small business are in a unique position to take advantage of what funding is available. The purpose of government grants for small business is to address the needs, goals or shortcomings of American society by means of financial help. As with any other government grant, the Federal or state governments target various purposes with their funding. Among these goals is stimulating the growth of small business, which is increasingly responsible for the money and taxes generated by U.S. citizens. Increasing the role of women in the workforce is also a priority.

There are a number of other government grants available that can help both men and women either directly or indirectly in directing funds to their own business.Small business grants are difficult to obtain. Any individual or website that says differently has not got their facts correct.Read more about grants for small businesses.

Finding what small business grants and other grants are available is a tricky job. Read more even about finding grants to start a business here.

Part of successfully uncovering what government grants are available understands how government grants work and how to find out what programs exist. Read more about how to understand government grant programs.

Get the help you need in finding government grant programs. Click here for details about the down-loadable Government Grant Internet Resource Guide.

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