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Top Reasons to Download – This guide will show you:

  • The types of businesses that most likely will qualify for grants
  • How to locate grant funding in your state
  • The grant application process
  • Steps that must be followed for your application to be considered
  • Sources for free advice from experts in the field
  • What grant money can and cannot be used for
  • How to find the grants that fit your particular business

Great business ideas without proper planning or the right financial support usually remain just that –ideas. The leading challenge for most entrepreneurs is finding the resources to finance their new business.

Both large corporations and thriving home-based business have one thing in common; they have planned ahead for every possible contingency. They have all gone through the process of writing a business plan and updating it as their business grows or the market changes. This guide will show you who to write your business plan and ways to get free money in the form of local or state government grants to help launch your company.

All levels of government as well as many large private corporations set aside funds to help Americans launch new and innovative businesses each year. Unfortunately, the world of grants is complex and confusing and differs greatly from state to state. There are very specific criteria that must be met in order to qualify for grants and finding the one that matches your business.

Many individuals who think of becoming new business owners begin their search for capital to get started. There are many conventional options such as savings, personal bank loans or raising money through family and friends, but the one area that is generally overlooked is grants from the government or large corporations. After downloading and reading this guide, you will have the tools necessary to formulate ideas for what kind of business you want to start, how to write a professional business plan, where to look for free grant money and how to submit grant applications.

This manual will help you find vital business resources, free professional advice, easy-to-follow templates, where to go for grants and what you need to do to qualify for them.

Find out how the government and large corporations can help turn your dreams of business ownership into reality. Learn how to come up with ideas that will qualify for grants, how to write a professional business plan and more.

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