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Work from home ideas have grown exponentially over the last five to ten years. With the popularity of the internet,  working from home has become easier and easier. The internet also has increased the possibility of spams.   Those who are looking to work from home as a business or a job, just have to do theUdemyLogo_5-2014ir research and background check before getting involved in any internet opportunity.   Here are some work from home ideas to chose from.

Udemy is an online education platform which has some excellent courses that will help you to get idea and also to train you on work from home business ideas.

Home Business – How To Sell On Amazon – Learn From An Expert

With over 1600 students already enrolled and 4.5 star rating, this course for only $10 teaches you how to sell on Amazon.  Online marketing is not a great way to start your home business but also to grow rapidly.

The Complete Amazon Seller Course – Master Amazon FBA

With over 5000 students enrolled and a 4.6 rating this is a slightly more expensive course but has very indepth material.  The cost is still only $25.

Work From Home - Call Center

Work From Home – Call Center

Here are some more work from home ideas for those who are seeking a job.

Outsourced call center jobs from home: Liveops and  Workathomeagent are two examples of work from home call centers . You might require a land line for this type of job. There could also be an initial service fee.



Copy writing:

This course from Udemy already has 22,000 students enrolled. Great opportunity for stay home moms.

Copywriting – How to Become a Copywriter and Work from Home

Lionbridge – provides translation, helps develop content, and also test user experience for technology applications and web content.  Although this may sound very technical, jobs can be as easy as ranking internet landing pages.  Check out the Lionbridge’s  Internet Assessors Program.

Private Investigator you can get  you PI license and work from home.  There are many online-research opportunities as a PI that can be possible from the comfort of your home. Similar to PI,  specializes  in the research and retrieval of courthouse records. They are also looking for potential work from home researchers.

Virtual concierge: looking for more work from home ideas , try helping with errands and inquiries, schedule appointments.  A good example is  a site called

Insurance credentialing for doctors – many of these health insurance related jobs can be done from home.

Here are some more sites that provide opportunity to work from home:,,,

Each of these companies have their own policy for work and payment.  Make sure you understand that carefully. For instances some of them pay by the minute and others by the hour.

Tutoring: Become an online tutor. If teaching is a passion. Although the pay may be minimum wage, you do get to work from home.  Check out or

You will find free lance jobs from blogging to other work from home ideas like data entry. Content writing is also a great work from home opportunity. Online surveys have also provided some reliable home based work idea. You can turn your opinions into cash by answering online surveys. Check out which could have a list of surveys.

Here is a list of sites where you can find online jobs and contract work.,,,,,  (pay people to write for them)

Some sites like Christian-based online companies sometimes pay for word-of-mouth referrals.  If  you are into religion and  know many people whom you can refer, this may be an easy passive income.

Here are some places where you can post your resume to work from home ( ,

There are many work from home ideas, the trick is to find something that you are comfortable with, better yet that you are passionate about.   Working from home is a one way to win back your freedom and take control of  your life.  It is definitely not for the faint-hearted.  But if you do your due diligence and provide for contingencies, working from home could be your dream life-style.

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