Work from home ideas and their advantages

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Work from home ideas have their definite advantages.  The advantages of working from home are, in effect, the same advantages as the self employment. In addition to social prestige and higher salary there are some more cool benefits:

First You are the boss: In your four walls, you are your own boss. You are creating a high degree of personal freedom.

Work from Home Advantages Cartoon

Work from Home Advantages Cartoon

Second You can determine when you get up and go to bed.  Especially work from home ideas that are not related to customer service will enable you to work your own time.

If your employer has said that you have to show up to the office by 7, then you better be there. If you work from home, you have the liberty to have flex hours.  You may wake up later.   As long as the work is done, there is no issue.

Third Your work hours are flexible.  You can decide how long you work and especially how much it works.

4th More rest:  You have more peace and you’re in a more comfortable environment. This gives you a sense of “rest”.

5th More efficiency: That means you can work in such an environment which is much more comfortable and that will naturally increase the efficiency of your work.

6th No colleagues : You don’t have to deal with annoying fellow workers. There is no “Gossip”.

7th No commute time: No “long” way to work or back. A buddy of mine has a single car. For shopping, he drives a taxi. If he goes longer distances, he borrows from a car. You need no gasoline and is in no congestion

8th Higher motivation: Especially at the beginning you will work with high motivation because you want to achieve something.  Work from home ideas that are based on your passion will continue to motivate  you through tough times.

9th Family Time: Children and families can be accommodated more easily. If a child is sick and needs to be taken to the Doctor, that is possible.

10th You can wear what you want. No suit. Even “naked” is possible :-) I would like to but dissociate from it. In my videos so hopefully you can see that I’m always attracted :-)

11th Nice working environment: You can make your own workplace. Pink table? Green walls? Healthy sitting position? All this is not a problem. It made her the way you want.

12th Save on taxes: Also a tax advantage has to work from home: The office is tax deductible.

With these advantages that come from work from home ideas, it is worth a try to start some thing from your home.  Just be advised that you should do your home work first.

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