Work from home ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Work from home ideas are abundant for entrepreneurs.  For example for those who are interested in a craft, there are many work from home ideas:

Sewing – cloth diapers – Check out – they buy and sell hand-made diapers. is another company that buys  and sell handmade and eco-friendly products and gifts.  They claim that their product is earth-friendly, child-friendly, and family-friendly.  Their products include diapers and other clothing. is another place to buy and sell anything handmade and vintage. They also sell supplies.

Digital Scrap Books: If you are more digitally inclined you might try to design and sell digital scrapbooking products for online digital scrapbooking sites. You can work about 8-10 hours a week from home or even more if you have the time. You can also set your own hours.

EBooks – if you are a writer and have other  creative hobbies, you can create your own eBook.  It is not necessary for you to be high-tech to create an eBook.  If you have the material, there are always opportunities to out-source the technical part.

Affiliate Marketing –  this is a very popular work from home ideas.  Affiliate marketing  is a marketing practice where you are rewarded for every customer that you bring or in the case of a website, every visitor that you bring.  Affiliate marketing companies can either pay for the traffic or pay you a commission based on the purchase that your customer makes. is an example of a company that has an affiliate program.

Stay home sales business:

One of the most popular work from home ideas is becoming an Avon representative.   You can work  your own time and your own schedule.  Selling from home is a possibility. There are also other companies of similar nature. It might be prudent to check Better Business Bureau. The other key to success  is to find something that you like or use and could be passionate about.  Most companies charge an initial fee. So there is some investment involved. They also require you to host shows. The sales commission is usually quiet attractive ( 20% to 50%) if you were to become such a sales person.

Selling for drop shippers : Drop shipping is when the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers the fulfillment of the order to a wholesaler who has the inventory.  Many companies are looking for sales people who can sell from their homes.  The advantage of drop-shipping is that you are not required to invest in keeping an inventory.

Create your own gift basket. It a 3 billion dollar industry in the United States. More than forty percent of them are corporate buyers. You can do drop shipping if you are artsy and have other people sell for you.

Selling on eBay –  This is one of the best work from home ideas.  there are many products that you can sell on eBay.  The products could include your extra items at home to things that you buy at a yard sale.

Pet sitting and boarding: If you have enough space at home, this would be a good opportunity.  You can start your own business or buy a franchise.

Again for entrepreneurs, work from home ideas are limited only by your imagination.  Studies have shown that most entrepreneurs succeed when they have a passion for what they are doing.  Especially in the initial stages of the business there are long hours minimal income.  These are the times when passion needs to drive you towards your goal.

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