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Work from home ideas are many but the one that is getting very popular is telecommuting. Telecommuting,  is the ability to work from a  different place other than the office. The use of new media and technology allows for better communication remotely, allowing you to work in a non-face to face setting.  It’s a way in which this work is done in a place away from headquarters or production facilities through the use of new communication technologies.

Many of the tasks performed in an office does not require a worker’s presence at his post and can be performed remotely using Information Technology and Communication (better known as ICT). This will reduce travel times and reduced downtime with no tasks to perform. It also raises a rescheduling of work to focus on letting “office hours” to “hours spent at work.”

Referring “distance” it is said that the work can be performed at home, the home of a relative or friend in a Coworking center, a hotel, a restaurant, a bus, a car, an Internet or elsewhere. telecommuting  is also used by people with some kind of limitation that cannot physically transported to their area of ​​work, as well as for people living in countries other than their area of ​​work.

ICT is an important point for the development of telecommuting, allowing the processing of information for use or for communication. These can include computer, fax, mobile phone, the Internet itself (email, chat, and video calls over IP, etc.).  You will find more information about telecommuting on Wikipedia .

One of the options that technology provides to the company and workers in the implementation of telecommuting. Remote connection systems, improved communications, the change of mentality of many companies that are beginning to see telecommuting as a cost savings as well as many employees’ perception of this modality to improve their quality of life. These are some of the factors that are encouraging the spread of this form of work.  The number of work from home ideas are growing more and more as technology progresses.

Advantages for the worker:

Greater autonomy, flexibility and mobility

Increased productivity

More job opportunities

Greater specialization

More family life

Better integration of people with disabilities

More family unification of objectives

Can be combined with household chores

Less stress

Less travel, avoiding or reducing swings (more respect for the environment)

Personal choice of working environment

Promotes access to education (through e-learning), with the added advantage that you learn through the medium with which to work.

More free time, better performance in the office, flexible hours, better quality of life.

Useful tool for improving the exercise of any profession, detached from the place and time, adapting the “work life” and not “work life” and substituting “must” with “responsibility”

Working more rational mode, retrieve the professionalism and expertise in self-employment and independent.

It also means working at home, hopefully with greater dedication and commitment.

Advantages  the employer:

Fewer problems of coexistence between employees

Increased productivity due to the implementation of work objectives

Lower production cost

Minor infrastructure

More access to high-level professionals

Elimination of time control

Improved delivery

Ability to modify work schedules

Elimination of absenteeism

Implementation of New Information Technologies, as the company that hires * Telecommuters are required to have adequate equipment to perform a quick job.

Cost reduction: the creation of a post Telecommuting is 50% cheaper than a set face.

Ease of geographic expansion

Growth without structural changes

Better use of jobs that can be shared by different workers.

Less pollution by reducing the transfer of workers from their homes to their jobs face.

Disadvantages for the worker

Lack of work environment, the environment in which the employee works may not be best suited to carry out their activities.  The best work from home ideas are those that provide the appropriate environment.

It can cause a sedentary lifestyle.

Increased conflicts or distractions within the family.

Create a feeling of worthlessness, or appreciation for the employee.

Loss of collaboration and personal relationships with other workers in your area.

Unlimited Hours, including weekends.

Disadvantages  the Employer

There is usually loss of hierarchy, though this need not be a disadvantage but it can make the company more agile in their decision-making.

The monetary compensation may exceed the total cost of full-time worker in the office or warehouse

You can create conflicts arising from the loyalty of the telecommuters when accessing databases of the company.

There is less worker identification with the company.

The physical isolation leads to less socialization and worker participation.

Work from home ideas are becoming easier due to the growth and advancement in technology.   There are both advantages and disadvantages of working from home, especially telecommuting.  It is for the individuals to weigh the pros and cons of each and decide whether they are the telecommuting type.

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